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Of Sun Emojis, Smileys and Frowns

Since forever sun emojis have been the thing jamming the imagination of artists since time in memorial. It all seems the sun itself has not been concerned about it until the month of July 2016.

It kind of looks like the the sun is grumpy-goofy about a huge hole that opened up in its head.

Where the Sun Emojis Also a Selfie?

I wish it were but apparently not. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) were the guys who took the amazing shots in the video below.

Basically over the past few days the sun emojis have been resembling a bold headed dude or the typical emoji. The eyes are made up of active regions where solar flares originate from.

The mouth is made up of a coronal hole which is a relatively cool and dark region of the sun’s surface. Usually where the huge magnetic fields are exposed. These fields are the ones that cause geomagnetic storms here on Earth which in turn can cause aurora displays.

Okay enough talk. Check out the video below and enjoy the show.

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