PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 Release
PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 Release Available for Development Testing
PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 release is now available for developer testing use and should… Read More
Go 1.15 Release
Go 1.15 Release Now Requires macOS 10.12 Sierra or Later
The latest Go 1.15 release has been announced for general availability. This… Read More
React 17.0 Release Candidate
React 17.0 Release Candidate With No New Features
React 17.0 release candidate has been published two and a half years since the… Read More
Qt Creator 4.13 RC Release
Qt Creator 4.13 RC Release Available With More Improvements
Qt Creator 4.13 RC release has been announced. This release of this version… Read More
Flutter 1.20 Release
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK is now Available for Download
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK has been announced for general availability and is now… Read More
Meta Tag to Redirect
How to Use The Meta Tag to Redirect an HTML Page
Ideally, you can use the Meta Tag to redirect an HTML web page to… Read More
Lua 5.4 Release Available
Lua 5.4 Release Available With new Garbage Collection Mode
Lua 5.4 release has been announced for general availability and comes with new… Read More
Rust 1.43.1 Release
Rust 1.43.1 Release now Available for Download
Rust 1.43.1 release has been announced for general avalability and comes with a… Read More
Phalcon v4.0.6 Release
PHP Phalcon 4.0.6 Release is now Available
Phalcon 4.0.6 release has been announced. It comes with a few feature changes… Read More
NVIDIA CloudXR 1.0 SDK is Now Available
NVIDIA CloudXR 1.0 SDK is a software development kit, which enables streaming… Read More
PHP Memory Limit
Three Ways to Increase the PHP Memory Limit
Here is how to increase the PHP memory limit and avoid crashing your web… Read More
Restart Apache Service
How to Stop, Start and Restart Apache Service
One thing you will eventually need to know as you crawl through web servers… Read More
Referrer Policy
How to fix Failed to set Referrer Policy
Here’s how to fix the Failed to set Referrer Policy warning in the Chrome… Read More
SameSite Attribute Warning
How to Fix SameSite Attribute Warning in Google Chrome
You may run into the SameSite attribute warning in Google Chrome developer… Read More
SQL-Joins Infographic
SQL Joins Infographic
Enjoy this free SQL joins infographic illustrating how the different types of… Read More
CMS WordPress Crossorigin
How to use Integrity and Crossorigin in a WordPress Theme
In our previous article, we talked about how and why you should use Integrity… Read More
Integrity and Crossorigin in HTML
What do Integrity and Crossorigin in HTML Script Tags Mean?
So what are all those Integrity and Crossorigin attributes you commonly find… Read More
Redirect to Another Webpage in JavaScript
How do I Redirect to Another Webpage in JavaScript or jQuery?
It is not uncommon to find that in web development projects you can do… Read More
TIOBE April 2019 Programming Languages
TIOBE April 2019 Programming Languages Review
It’s that time again to go through the latest TIOBE April 2019… Read More
Qt 5.9.8 Release
Qt 5.9.8 Release has Been Announced for General Availability
Qt 5.9.8 release is the eighth patch release from the series has been announced… Read More
Change font height CSS and HTML
How to Change font height and width in CSS and HTML
One of the most straight forward thing to do when designing websites are to… Read More
HTML5 Scrollbars
Here’s How to Add Scrollbars to an iframe in HTML
Since back in the early days of the iframe, adding to it has always… Read More
Client IP Address
How to get the Right Client IP Address in PHP
If you have been a web developer for quite some time and are in… Read More
HTTP Request Method
You can Detect the HTTP Request Method Using PHP by Doing This
This is another beginner PHP article this time focusing on how to detect the… Read More
mysql Extension Functions in PHP
It’s Time to Stop Using the mysql Extension Functions in PHP
No, really! You need to stop using the MySQL extension functions in PHP. That… Read More
HTML Checkbox
How to Know if the Checkbox is Checked When Form is Submitted to PHP
It may or may not surprise you to hear that a lot of newbie… Read More
Get and Post Methods
How to use Both GET and POST Methods in one Request
Because you are reading this, it tells me that you have somewhat wondered… Read More
Disable a Link With CSS
How to Disable a Link Using Only CSS and HTML
So the real question is why would you want to disable a link? Wouldn’t… Read More
forcefully download a file
How to Forcefully Download a File From a Link
Have you ever tried to forcefully download a file from a website? Of course,… Read More
default excerpt length
So you Want to Change The Default Excerpt Length In WordPress
Now that you are deep into customizing your WordPress themes, there begs the… Read More
TIOBE February 2018
TIOBE February 2018 Programming Languages Review
Once again it is that time we took a peek at the current programming… Read More
ACCU Overload Journal 143
Highlights From the ACCU Overload Journal 143 February 2018
The following are the highlights of the ACCU Overload Journal 143 for February… Read More
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