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TIOBE April 2019 Programming Languages Review

It’s that time again to go through the latest TIOBE April 2019 programming languages review and rankings where we see four big drops and four big climbs to make and retain precious spots in the top 20 rankings.

We start off our count down with Groovy. This language has made a drastic climb from the lower 60s to settle at position 20 just below Swift which has dropped four spots to hang on to position 19.

Go comes next 18 after making a subtle climb followed by Visual Basic who which follows hot on the Swift trail settling in at 17th spot.

The 16th spot is reserved for R which remains glued to Visual Basic as does Delphi/Object Pascal which seems to be attracted to R.

Perl ignores the trend to climb one spot to 14th just behind Ruby at 13th which relinquishes its spot to MATLAB just below Objective-C.

Assembly Language kicks off the top ten above PHP which drops two spots to 9th. SQL moves up a notch to 8th just behind JavaScript at 7th.

C# trades places with Visual Basic .NET at fifth behind Python which holds steady at fourth behind C++.

C language hangs on to the second spot behind the undisputed longtime champion of programming languages Java at number one spot.

You can check out the details on the TIOBE April 2019 programming languages review and rankings found here.

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