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Enter the new and Improved Unreal Engine 4.12

The fellas at Epic Games have announced the release of Unreal Engine 4.12 for general availability. This release comes with hundreds of updates from the developer community and maintainers alike.

Unreal Engine is a free and open source suite of game development tools supporting 2D, 3D, and VR development. It supports games on mobile, PC and consoles, animation, architectural modeling and rendering and more.

What are the Highlights of Unreal Engine 4.12

We start off with Sequencer, the successor to Matinee (Even though Matinee is still supported). This is the new non-linear, real-time cinematics and animation tool that makes it debut in this release. Sequencer supports automatic keyframing, cinematic cameras, and live gameplay recording. The sequencer is ideal for both small and large animation projects.

The long-awaited preview of the VR Editor is now available in this release. Any of the Visual Studio 2015 versions are now required for C++ development on Windows.

There is an extensive list of new features in more detail on the Unreal Engine 4.12 release announcement page here. To get a copy of Unreal Engine you need to go through the registration process or sign in to the dashboard to gain access to the source code base.

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