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Unreal Engine June 2020 Monthly Giveaway Goodies

This is the rundown of the June 2020 Monthly Giveaway Goodies for Unreal Engine. This month comes with a great selection of the Unreal Engine marketplace assets you will definitely want for absolutely free.

The Free for the Month is a program by Unreal Engine that cuts the price of selected assets by 100% for a period of one month. You can then add the items to your library and you will be able to use them in your future project forever for free as long as they are used with the Unreal Engine ecosystem.

This is what the June 2020 monthly giveaway has in store for artists and creators.

POLYGON – City Pack

POLYGON – City Pack is an urban city themed asset pack by Synty Studios. It consists of a low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, vehicles and environment assets ideal for creating a city based on polygonal style games.

It comes with modular assets including vintage office buildings, modern office buildings, apartment set, road set, shop fronts, and park set among others.

POLYGON – Town Pack

POLYGON – Town Pack is another asset pack by Synty Studios consisting of low poly asset pack of Buildings, Vehicles, Characters, and Props ideal for polygonal style games. This is an expansion to the POLYGON – City themed as a suburban town pack covering both interiors and exteriors.

Science Laboratory

Science Laboratory is an asset pack by SilverTm tailored for game designers looking to create scientific laboratory levels. It consists of a ready for use large demo level of scientific laboratory.

Also included is a ventilation’s kit, offices props, huge set of chemical containers, Blueprints of wires, and particles of smoke and water among others.

Desert Dragon

Desert Dragon by Protofactor Inc. is an asset of a dragon ideal for camouflage in desert or arid environments. It comes with support for both PBR and Legacy shaders a set of 30 animations.

Farm Animals Pack

Farm Animals Pack is another asset pack by Protofactor Inc. It comes with 5 farm animals that are ready for any project project. With this pack you have a variety of cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens

Advanced Magic FX 12

Advanced Magic FX 12 is an asset pack by Kakky. It comes with trail, shot, and aura among others effects. All these effects come with particle LODs.

Advanced Magic FX 13

Advanced Magic FX 13 is another asset pack by Kakky. It contains storm (normal, aqua, fire, thunder), cutter, heal, stab and other effects and all contain particle LODs.

Dead Hills Landscape v2.0

Dead Hills Landscape v2.0 is a 64 Square Kilometers barren breath-taking hills landscape by Pixel Perfect Polygons. it is ideal for desert, arid, and alpine regions. It comes with moving cloud shadows from the sky that influence the fog, creating volumetric shadows.

Spring Landscape

Spring Landscape is another large game-ready landscape by Pixel Perfect Polygons. It features mountains, snow caps, brush, and rocky peaks. It also has moving cloud shadows from the sky!

WaterMill Environment

Finally, the WaterMill Environment is another game asset pack by SilverTm. This low poly pack is ideal for creating fantasy environments. It consists of entire buildings, modular building sections tools and items you would find around a medieval village or small town.

You can download all of these asset packs from the Unreal Engine marketplace using this link.

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