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What you Need to Know About Zapcc C++ Compiler Today

Zapcc 1.0 was recently made available and it came with far better performance than not only other C++ compilers but also previous versions of this utility.

Zapcc is a C++ compiler based on clang, designed to perform faster compilations. With this performance boosts, the run-time performance of Zapcc is not compromised. It is designed to compile code that Clang compiles and is also compatible with GCC.

It was developed to overcome the increased complexity of the language and especially due to templated header files and improve on those compile times. This uses unique caching technology that speeds up C++ compilations.

There is full support for Linux x64 while support for MacOS and Windows x64 and Visual C++ is still not complete.

This fast compiler is designed to work with limited memory which can be set under [MaxMemory] at bin/zapccs.config. If this limit is reached the compiler will reset the memory therefore not stressing out the servers. The higher memory you set the faster the compiler performs.

Compilation times with Zapcc can range from no acceleration at all for plain C code to 2x or up to 5x and up to 50x speed improvements for more complex template projects.

You can get a copy of Zapcc from this signup page where you can give it a test run. Also visit this blog post here to check out some of the performance results.

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