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11 Important Facts About Domain Names

With web use constantly on the rise, the majority of companies are now taking their businesses online. Every single day nearly 100,000 domains are registered meaning that the internet is growing at a scarily rapid pace. Web Masters Jury showcases 101 interesting facts about domain names, some of which could come in handy if you are planning to create your own!

Head to Web Masters Jury to see the full infographic of facts, while some of the most important can be found below!

  • A domain name can be registered for a period of one to ten years, after that, it may have to be renewed or it will expire.
  • If a domain name expired then it will be again available for all to use, which could be disastrous for a company.
  • If using the .com domain, there is a minimum of 2 characters and all of the combinations for these are already taken.
  • Domain names can actually be shorted, for example, Amazon’s official URL shortcut is a.co
  • LasVegas.com is the most expensive domain name of all time at $90,000,000.
  • A few words can’t be registered as domain names such as test, invalid, example, local and localhost to name a few.
  • With Network Solutions it is possible to register a domain for 20-100 years.
  • Your domain name should match your business name, or at least similar enough for people to know they are connected.
  • The shorter the domain name the better. On average the best and most popular domain names seem to have around 8 characters in them.
  • Although domain names do have a small impact on SEO, you shouldn’t worry too much about it because a high quality and responsive site are much more important.

There are a bunch of more domain facts in addition to these. To get the full details please check out more facts, as well as the full infographic on Web Masters Jury here.

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