cybersecurity online accounts
Bumping Cybersecurity for Online Accounts
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Wordpress FLoC
WordPress to Automatically Disable Google FLoC on Websites
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Google's FLoC tracking
Microsoft Disables Google’s FLoC tracking in Microsoft Edge
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Google's FLoC Ad Tracking Tech
Google’s FLoC Ad Tracking Tech Rejected by Brave, Vivaldi, and DuckDuckGo
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Create SPF Record
How to Create an SPF Record (Sender Policy Framework) for Your Email
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What is an SPF Record
What is an SPF Record (Sender Policy Framework) in Email?
An SPF Record, or Sender Policy Framework, is an email authentication protocol… Read More
Change Element's Class
How can I Change an HTML Element’s Class With JavaScript or JQuery?
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Brave IPFS Protocol
Brave, First Browser With Native Support for IPFS Protocol
Privacy-focused Brave became the first web browser to implement native support… Read More
IPFS Protocol Peer-to-Peer Network
About InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) Protocol Peer-to-Peer Network
InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol and peer-to-peer network was set up… Read More
Comparing POP vs IMAP Internet Standards for Email
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SMTP Communication Protocol
What You Need to Know About SMTP Communication Protocol
SMTP, also known as Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an Internet standard… Read More
IMAP Internet Standard
What You Need to Know About IMAP Internet Standard
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is an Internet standard protocol used… Read More
POP Internet Standard
What You Need to Know About POP Internet Standard
POP, also known as Post Office Protocol is an application-layer Internet… Read More
.EU Domains Suspended
More Than 80K .EU Domains Suspended Due to Brexit Regulations
About 81,000 .eu domains owned by 50,000 UK registrants have been suspended as… Read More
Placeholder Color CSS
How to Change an HTML5 Input’s Placeholder Color With CSS
Yes, there is a way to change the color of the placeholder text in… Read More
PhpStorm 2020.3 Released
PhpStorm 2020.3 Released with Support for PHP 8 and Tailwind CSS
PhpStorm 2020.3 has been released with full support for PHP 8, Tailwind CSS,… Read More
Laravel 8 Release
Laravel 8 Release With Laravel Jetstream, Models Directory, and More
Laravel 8 release has been announced for general availability. This release… Read More
Add JavaScript in an HTML File
This is How to Add JavaScript to an HTML File
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allow multiple file uploads
How to Allow Multiple File Uploads in HTML Forms
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File Manager Plugin Vulnerability
WordPress Websites Attacked Due to File Manager Plugin Vulnerability
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PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 Release
PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 Release Available for Development Testing
PHP 8.0.0 Beta 1 release is now available for developer testing use and should… Read More
React 17.0 Release Candidate
React 17.0 Release Candidate With No New Features
React 17.0 release candidate has been published two and a half years since the… Read More
China Blocking Encrypted HTTPS
China Blocking Encrypted HTTPS Traffic Using TLS 1.3 and ESNI
As of the end of July 2020, China is blocking encrypted HTTPS traffic that… Read More
Flutter 1.20 Release
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK is now Available for Download
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK has been announced for general availability and is now… Read More
Meta Tag to Redirect
How to Use The Meta Tag to Redirect an HTML Page
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Secure Your Website
How to Secure Your Website with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04
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Create Apache Virtual Host
How to Create Apache Virtual Host for Your Website
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Matomo 3.14.0 Release
Matomo 3.14.0 Release has been Announced for General Availability
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How To Install Apache
How To Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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Install the Latest phpMyAdmin
How to Install the Latest phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 20.04
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Angular 10.0 Release
Angular 10.0 Release now Available for Download
The Angular developers announced a major version of Angular 10.0 release, the… Read More Email Settings and Configuration Guide Email Settings and Configuration Guide 2020
Microsoft has this suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services… Read More