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About the new Sobbayi Technology Site

It is now about three years since I last blogged and all that time I have been sitting, waiting and wondering whether to revive the Sobbayi technology site as it was with the old content and just keep adding to it.

Now I wasn’t really sure until a couple of weeks ago when I was able to focus my mind and have a new direction of where I wanted to go with this new technology blog. This one is going to be more focused on the things that I love. That is mostly to blog about the stuff to do with the reverse engineering, software engineering with a lot of emphasis on C++, JavaScript, and Assembly language.

Also to blog about 3d animation, 3d content creation, graphics programming, and the likes. I may also focus a bit on hacking hardware and embedded devices.

Generally, I am just going to be throwing it out there and try to be blogging as much as possible to share my thoughts and experiences and it’s their relations to my daily life.

Probably I will also talk about some of the other things that interest me like mountain climbing, scuba diving and some of the outdoor activities which consist mostly of the extreme stuff.

I might consider setting it up as a separate mini-blog or post here in a different category.

Anyway, basically, I think I will be making up some things as we go along. All-in-all thanks guys for the previous years support. I really do appreciate it.

Thank you for reading, thank you for visiting. This technology blog will not be what it is intended to be without you and I thank you for the audience that you have all given me.

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