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CppCon 2015: The C++ Conference Program is Out

The Standard C++ Foundation CppCon 2015 program is finally out with just a few weeks remaining to the start of the conference. CppCon 2015 is an annual week-long C++ conference organized by the C++ community for the community itself.

This year’s conference will be taking place in Bellevue, Washington, the USA from September 20th to the 25th.

What’s in Store at the cppcon 2015 Conference

The conference consists of talks and panels from various renown C++ professionals obviously with a keynote address by Bjarne Stroustrup. There will also be short less formal talks and presentations by the C++ community as well as social evening sessions where attendants will have an opportunity to network with other attendees and speakers.

There will be talks on C++ compilers such as CLang and GCC among others, IDEs such as the recently released Visual C++ 2015 among others as well as talks on C++14 and the upcoming C++17. Other topics of interest will be touching on C++ in various industry segments and the strides modern C++ has made today.

Another aspect of this conference is the opportunities companies have for sponsorship opportunities at various levels but to also showcase themselves through setting up stands at the exhibit halls.

Now a good place to start if you have not done so already is to get acquainted with what went down at the same conference in 2014.  There were great presentations and sessions with the well known C++ professionals as well as the community members.

To check out the array of videos where you will be spoiled for choice I would advise you to check out the Conference channel on YouTube or you could go through the keynote addresses here.

Do not take my word for it. You can go ahead and check out the Conference Program here and get a preview of what is to come. Do not forget to register for the upcoming conference as well. Personally, I am quickly excited and looking forward to what will be presented on the said day.

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