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June 2016 ACCU Overload 133 Journal

Here is the brief on the ACCU Overload 133 Software Developer Journal. This digital magazine is published six times a year every other month.

Hot Topics in the ACCU Overload 133 Journal

Some of the topics in this edition of the software developer journal include:

  • The Editorial discusses what constitutes sensible metrics
  • Next topic discusses how software developers manage packages in C++
  • Matthew Wilson encourages us to bring some order to the header includes
  • Context managers in Python as demonstrated by Steve Love
  • Sergey Ignatchenko then shows us how to avoid Non-deterministic data that leads to unstable tests
  • Then we go into programming your own scripting language with Vassili Kaplan in C++
  • Roger Orr shows us how to use Concepts to make templates easier to use and write with practical examples
  • Finally, we end with some after-words or “afterwood” (Whatever that is) by Chris Oldwood

Follow this link to read the journal online.

If catching up on these topics online is not your thing then you can also download the PDF version of this programmer’s journal here.

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