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Time Again for the TIOBE Index June 2016

By now you all know it’s no secret that every other month we revisit the rankings and this month we are taking a look at the TIOBE Index June 2016 to see who the movers and the shakers are. Our last look at the TIOBE index can be found here for your personal comparison.

The TIOBE Index is the programming communities index to determine the popularity of programming languages.

Highlights of the TIOBE Index June 2016

Just to get obvious out of the way, again there is no change at the top with the top three spots retained by Java, C, and C++. Python then takes up position four and nudges C# one step down. PHP, JavaScript, and Perl hang on strong taking the three next positions respectively leaving position nine and ten to Visual Basic.NET and Ruby.

Now that we’ve taken care of the top ten in the TIOBE Index June 2016, we can check out the positions from 11 to 20.

Visual Basic cements its position at 11 while Assembly drops one spot since April however year on year it gained 11 spots to settle at position 12. Delphi/Object Pascal, Swift and Objective-C take the next three spots without rising and so is the same as R, MATLAB, and PL/SQL.

D saves the day for the bottom group with a jump and COBOL closes the top twenty.

You can get the details and see more of the other languages and detailed analysis from the official index page and while there you can check out the extended numbers beyond position 20. Hope you enjoyed going through this ratings as we did.

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