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August 2016 ACCU Overload 13 Journal Published

The latest copy of the ACCU Overload 134 Software Developer Journal is out. The Journal is usually published every two months.

Headlines in the ACCU Overload 134 Journal

These are the headline topics in the August issue of the developer journal.

  • The Editorial discusses Constraints with Frances Buontempo who wonders if banning hesitation, deviation or repetition is a good thing.
  • Then there is a look into the Big-O notation that is often used to compare algorithms with Sergey Ignatchenko with the application of asymptotic limits.
  • Adam Tornhill demonstrates how to detect software clones and reveal hidden dependencies.
  • Thaddaeus Frogley shares a diary of how his implementation the game Snake grew over time.
  • C++ Antipatterns with Jonathan Wakely then offers some professional tips to help you avoid common errors in C++.
  • Testing Propositions with Russel Winder as he considers whether testing propositions are more important than having examples as exemplars.
  • Chris Oldwood considers varying approaches to gatekeeping.

Follow this link to read the journal online

For those on the go or wanting to catch up with these topics offline, you can also download the PDF version of this programmer’s journal here.

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