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American Fuzzy Lop 2.30b Now Available for Download

The American Fuzzy Lop 2.30b release is now out and available for download. This tool is a free and open source fuzzing tool.

American Fuzzy Lop is popular a lightweight fuzzing tool that is attributed to catching several bugs in popular libraries and tools out there.

Highlights of American Fuzzy Lop 2.30b

There are minor improvements to persistent mode. This is to avoid the “no instrumentation detected” issues with very low instrumentation densities.

There is also a fix to a minor glitch with a leftover process in persistent mode.

Finally, this version makes persistent mode bitmaps a bit more consistent. There are also adjustments in the way these details are shown in the User Interface, especially in persistent mode.

You can read more details about American Fuzzy Lop here. Check out the changes in the various releases here. You can skip all that and go straight to the download page here.

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