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December 2016 ACCU Overload 136 Journal

The bi-monthly ACCU Overload 136 Journal for December 2016 has been published. Overload is a software developer focused magazine from the ACCU (previously known as Association of C and C++ Users) covering various topics from different programming languages and paradigms.

As usual, this month’s release contains exciting topics in different areas. The magazine in PDF can be found here on the official journal website page.

Topics in the ACCU Overload 136 Journal for December 2016

Some topics of interest in this issue of the ACCU programmers journal include:

  • Mir Abstraction Layer (MirAL) is discussed here, as a way of improving the security and performance on the X-Windows system
  • Andrew Sutton discusses how to apply C++ concepts in function overloading
  • Arne Mertz takes time to demystify the user-defined literals found in modern C++
  • Thomas Guest then takes on the topic of dealing with Python Streams vs Unix Pipes
  • Then the fast way of serialization and de-serialization of C++ Objects is explored by Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin
  • Eleanor McHugh takes us back to our roots and shows us how to write in Go using a Hello, world! Tutorial
  • Last but not least there is a creative fictional tale around JavaScript by Chris Oldwood

You can find the entire publication in PDF format for more in-depth reading from the link provided above.

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