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Closing the Year TIOBE Index December 2016

The TIOBE Index December 2016 reveals a bit of a shuffle so some of the languages. There are stagnant players, big climbers, and droppers alike. The Index also reveals the long struggle that the C programming language has been undergoing since as far back as November 2015.

Highlights of the TIOBE Index December 2016

We start off by mentioning the biggest climbers. These include Objective-C which climbs four places. Groovey is next as it climbs five spots. This brings us to the biggest climber which is Go programming language that has climbed 34 places to settle at 16th position.

Other climbers include R, Swift, Assembly Language and Visual Basic .NET, the latter being the most surprising mention from the list.

With climbers, there must be droppers as well. This month we have eight candidates that have lost their positions. These include PL/SQL, MATLAB, and Delphi/Object Pascal. Others include Visual Basic (also popularly known as VB6) and Ruby. Perl, PHP, and C# take up the last three spots.

We also have five languages which have remained stagnant and are holding strong to their spots. These are JavaScript, Python, C++, C, and Java.

Finally, we take a look at the top ten programming languages for the end of the year according to the TIOBE Index December 2016. At position ten we have Perl which drops a single spot. Assembly Language then climbs two spots up to position nine below JavaScript which is holding strong.

At Seven we have PHP preceded by C# both of which have been displaced by Visual Basic .NET, which stands at position five. Python retains its fourth place as does C++ with the third spot.

The C programming language retains its second position although its rating has dropped to 8.7% down from 15% a year ago. Java takes the top spot again even though its rating has dropped by three percentage points.

You can check out the detailed table ratings of the TIOBE index here.

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