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Get Your Copy of ACCU Overload Journal 142 December 2017 Today

The latest copy of the ACCU Overload Journal 142 December 2017 is now available online in PDF for general download or online reading.

Overload is a bi-monthly publication of the ACCU with content produced by the ACCU members.

The ACCU is a non-profit for programmers interesting in encouraging and promoting professionalism in programming. It started out primarily with a focus on C++ but in later years the scope has expanded.

Topics in the ACCU Overload Journal 142 December 2017 Edition

Editor Frances Buontempo kicks off this edition with a discussion titled Too Fast! Too slow! Too right! where she shows us how to get inspiration to get things done just right.

Next, Sergey Ignatchenko brings in the topic CAS (Re)Actor for Non-Blocking Multithreaded Primitives where he eases the burden of lock-free programming by showing how copy and swap can work for reactors.

Charles Tolman shows us how he handles Design issues with an organizing principle in his topic titled A Design Example.

Moving on we come to The Last Word in Patterns. This is a topic about the possibilities of a single transaction in a database with Paul Grenyer’s Single CrUD pattern.

Implementing Type-Classes as OCaml Modules is the next topic discussing Type classes and how to use them to achieve overloading in functional paradigms. This is a code-intensive article that is put together by Shayne Fletcher.

Aurora Ramírez and Chris Simons take us through the article Evolutionary Computing Frameworks for Optimisation. It is an article about Evolutionary algorithms and how they can be used to find optimal solutions to problems in artificial intelligence. Here they use detailed illustrations and code snippets.

Finally, like every edition, there is Afterwood brought to you by Chris Oldwood. This time around he brings us the true nature of Tabs in programming.

Those must be interesting topics to keep you busy well into the new year, 2018. Therefore, make a point of getting yourself a copy of the ACCU Overload 140 journal PDF which is available for download here.


ACCU Website https://accu.org/
ACCU Journal page https://accu.org/index.php/journals/c380/

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