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Highlights From the ACCU Overload Journal 143 February 2018

The following are the highlights of the ACCU Overload Journal 143 for February 2018.

The Overload Journal is a publication of the ACCU that is released on a bi-monthly basis.

What is in Store in the ACCU Overload Journal 143 for February 2018

The issue kicks off with Hapaxes, Singletons, and Anomalies by Frances Buontempo. Here she delves into the peculiarities within programmers.

How they balance their day-to-day habits when dealing with their work versus the requirements of living a normal human life.

The Journal then takes us through the topic, A Wider Vision of Software Development. This is where Charles Tolman brings his Organising Principles series to a conclusion.

We then go on to look at multithreaded queues with Sergey Ignatchenko where he describes his implementation of a multiple writer single reader queue in the article entitled An MWSR Queue with Minimalist Locking.

Andy Balaam then steps on the scene with tips on saner and focused testing with the topic Testing: Choose the Right Level.

CTAD – What Is This New Acronym All About? Roger Orr expands on this C++ feature and answers the question of what class template argument deduction is.

Francis Glassborow goes on to expand on C++ with Meta-classes, which allows programmers to detail class requirements. He goes on to compare them to developments of C++ in the 1990s.

The next topic is Practical Scale Testing by Arun Saha. Here he explores methods for testing scalability.

Simon Brand shows modern alternatives from the standard library and ways to improve them with the topic Functional Error-Handling with Optional and Expected.

Finally, we arrive at the customary Afterwood by Chris Oldwood. This month’s topic is based on whether you can code on paper in an interview. He goes on to recount his attempts to write a calendar.


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ACCU Journal page https://accu.org/index.php/journals/c382/

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