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Hours Later Amazon S3 Service Outage Still Crippling the Internet

You now things are bad when Is It Down Right Now is taken down. We all now this was down because of Amazon S3. That brings us to a new point. Amazon’s SLA guarantees 99.9% up-time which in loose terms would be one in a billion for it to be offline let alone for down for a number of hours.

The massive web hosting service called Amazon S3, which stands for Simple Storage Service and part of Amazon Web Services(AWS) happens to host about 120,00 websites and provides services for mobile apps, web applications IoT devices and other services. These total to over a million users on Amazon S3.

When Amazon S3 goes down, there has bound to be trouble. And this is what we have been witnessing today. The system has been reporting high error rates and it is somewhat resolved but not entirely as of publishing this post.

In the early stages of this outage Amazon’s status dashboard wasn’t even showing the problem which later came to under it was originating in the US-EAST-1 region. Servers in other regions of the world including the US west coast have not affected by this outage.

Major sites impacted include Quora, Instagram, Slack, Imgur, Reddit and Foursquare among others.

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