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Arm Announces ARMv9 Architecture With Scalable Vector Extension 2 (SVE2)

Arm announced the ARMv9 architecture with SVE2 focusing on performance, machine learning, digital signal processing, and security.

Armv9 introduces new features designed to deliver confidential computing at scale, which is an industry priority. This breaks from the tradition where the operating system (OS) of a device has the highest authority and can see and do everything.

The Arm Confidential Compute Architecture (CCA) allows applications to sit in a separate hardware-protected area of memory isolated from everything else in the underlying system. For example, your personal banking information to be fully separated from your smartphone’s social media applications. That way if your social media app gets infected by Malware it would not spread to other parts of the device.

With Armv9’s SVE2 upgrade, chip designers can choose a vector length in multiples of 128, up to 2048 bits. A step ahead of Armv8-A, whereas standard, vectors are 128 bits in length. This improves performance whereby the more vectors a computer can handle in parallel, and the longer those vectors are, the more powerful the computer will be.

ARMv9 Architecture, SVE2 will also allow Arm AI-enabling technology to get further boosts through upgrades to Matrix Multiplication, which is key in enhancing machine learning (ML).

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