GTK 4.2.0 Release Available With NGL Renderer as Default Renderer

GTK 4.2.0 Release

GTK 4.2.0 release has been announced for general availability with the NGL renderer as the default renderer for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

GTK is a Gnome toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces that comes with a complete set of widgets.

With this release being the result of the initial round of feedback from the application developers porting their projects to GTK4 from GTK3, it is primarily consisting of bug fixes and improvements to the API.

The NGL renderer: This is now the default renderer for Linux, Windows, and macOS which comes with notably improvements in frames per second, as well as power and CPU usage.

For more details about GTK 4.2.0 release, you can check out the release notes here. If you prefer you can head over to the download page here.

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