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Boost 1.62.0 Release has Been Announced

Boost 1.62.0 Release has been announced for immediate availability and can now be downloaded free. This release brings in something new as well as some improvements and fixes.

Boost is a collection of high quality cross platform and open source modern C++ libraries that helps the final software product result in fewer bugs, speeds up development, helps in code reuse therefore increasing the overall productivity of the developers. The library is stable and mature and follows common coding standards.

Highlights of the Boost 1.62.0 Release

There are now a couple of brand new libraries namely Boost Fiber, which is a framework for userland threads. The other new library is Boost QVM which is a generic library for working with quaternions, vectors and matrices of static size. These are especially those using two, three and four-dimensional operations needed in graphics, video games and simulation applications.

Other updated libraries include Atomic, Chrono, Circular Buffer, Container, Context and Coroutine. Coroutine2, DLL, Lexical Cast, Math and Phoenix have also been updated. To get the whole list of updated libraries and to download a copy of Boost you can visit this page here.

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