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Rust 1.12 now Available for Download

The latest version of the programming language Rust 1.12 has been announced by the development team for immediate availability. It can be gotten from the official website download page.

Rust is designed as a systems programming language that is fast, reliable and guarantees thread safety. It is available across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

Highlights of Rust 1.12

As is their policy, the latest version remains backward compatibility as it seeks to fix issues and improve on performance. With rustc this current release now presents friendlier error messages where English is the order of the day along with machine-readable JSON error output for use by IDEs

TypeID computation is now fixed where previously it had inconsistent results. The mips-unknown-linux-gnu target now uses hardware floating point by default while three new ARM targets, arm-unknown-linux-musleabi, arm-unknown-linux-musleabihf and armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf are now supported.

In the language features, semicolons are now properly required as statement delimiters inside macro_rules. The Rust compiler can now be built with LLVM 3.9 while the Rust exception handling “personality” routine is now written in Rust.

Other areas which have seen updates include the Libraries, Cargo, Tooling and performance features. There is also a whole array of APIs that have been stabilized. You can see more on those details here.

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