Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2 Release is now Available

Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2

The Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2 release has been announced and is now available for download and test runs. This version comes with a host of new features including new libraries and updated libraries. It also includes bug fixes and feature improvements.

Boost is a set of free and open source portable C++ libraries that are designed to work standalone or hand-in-hand with the C++ Standard Library. Some of these libraries have been included in the C++11 standard while more are set for release with the C++17 standard.

Highlights of the Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2 Release

Process library by Klemens D. Morgenstern has been included in this new release. This library allows one to create child processes, setup streams for child processes and communicate with child processes through streams both synchronously or asynchronously.

It also allows to wait for processes to exit again both synchronously or asynchronously. It also facilitates for termination of processes.

The following libraries have been updated. Any, Atomic and Config. Container, Context and Conversion have also been updated. Others are Core, Coroutine2 and DLL as well as Fiber, Hash and Interprocess. Intrusive, LexicalCast and Math have also been updated.

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The list continues with Multiprecision, Predef, Program Options and Regex have also gotten some facelifts. Smart Pointers, Test and TypeIndex where not left out as is the case with TypeTraits, Unordered and Variant.

This update has been tasted with the usual suspect such as Clang up to version 3.9.1. GCC has been tested up to 6.2.0 and Intel compiler is supported up to version 17.0. All these are on Linux.

On OS X, Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2 has been tested up to Apple Clang version 7.0.2. On Android and FreeBSD Clang has been tested up to version 3.8 and GCC up to version 6.2. On QNX the tested compiler version is QCC version 4.4.2while on SunOS it has been tested with Oracle Solaris Studio version 12.5.

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On Windows tests have gone up to GCC, mingw version 4.4.0 for C++03 while for C++11 support has been tested up to GCC, mingw version 4.8.1. For C++14, GCC, mingw version 6.1.0 has been confirmed as tested.

Visual C++ has been confirmed to work with version 7.1 to version 14.0.

For full details of the Boost 1.64.0 Beta 2 release and downloads you can visit the official release page here.

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