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Qt Creator 4.3 Beta Release is now Available

With Qt Creator 4.3 Beta announced, we are now ever closer to seeing a final release in a month or so. This new version comes with updates that include new features, bug fixes and improvements.

Qt Creator is the defacto Integrated development environment (IDE) for the Qt platform. Qt is a popular C++ library and toolkit for building cross platform applications with an architecture that allows developers to write once and build the same code over the different platforms.

Highlights of Qt Creator 4.3 Beta

This new version now supports server-mode in that comes with CMake 3.7 and higher. This allows better integration between the IDE and CMake providing more debug and project information within the IDE. There is also improved support for importing CMake projects into Qt Creator 4.3 Beta.

Preliminary support for clang-query through enabling the ClangRefactoring plugin. Qt Creator for iOS development now allows developers to better handle signing while overriding the QMake default.

It is also good to note that the latest version of Qt Creator breaks the Android SDK due to changes in some dependencies. This is effective versions 25.3.1 and above.

CDB debugging support is improved. It now uses a Python based pretty printing backend allowing the debugger to start much faster and facilitates the unification of pretty printing between GDB, LLDB and CDB.

Qt Quick Designer now integrates a QML code editor which also allows for text based editing support. Also support for performance information through the Editor from QML Profiler is now in this new version.

You can find more information about this new release from the official release logs here.

To download your latest copy of Qt Creator 4.3 Beta you can visit the Qt download page here. This is for the open source version. For those with commercial licence accounts you can visit the the Qt Account Portal here.

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