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ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release Update is now Available

ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release has been announced and is now generally available, It comes with some major updates with significant improvements built into the library.

ChaiScript is a an open source and cross platform embedded scripting language that is a native C++ library and in turn directly targets C++. It is also built on modern C++. This library is a header only library therefore it requires no external tools or libraries. It is also thread safe and has support for both 32bit and 64bit on Windows.

It is supported on Ms Visual Studio 2013, Clang++ and G++.

Highlights of This ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release

This version of ChaiScript now requires C++14 mainly due to support for variadic templates. Therefore compiler requirements are MSVC 2015 or greater, g++ 4.9 or greater or Clang 3.6 or greater.

Also notably, instantiating a ChaiScript object now, by default, builds the stdlib fixing some issues when loading stdlib dynamically at runtime. Function annotations have also been removed to reduce compile time and size. There are also runtime and parser improvements.

A modular optimization system has been added and is accessible through the ChaiScript_Basic interface. Execution tracing capability has now been added as well as range based loops which has better performance than other type of loops.

Support for r-value references in functions also comes new as well as unique_ptr.

For these and more details about the new ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release you can check out the official release page here where you can also download a copy of the source code for your use.

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