TypeScript 3.9 Release
Microsoft Announces TypeScript 3.9 Release
TypeScript 3.9 release has been announced for general availability and can be… Read More
Node 7.7.3 Release (Current)
Download Your Latest Copy of Node 7.7.3 Release (Current) Now
Node 7.7.3 Release (Current) has been announced for general availability. This… Read More
disable a link
How to Disable a Link in HTML Using CSS and no JavaScript
Like all things web development projects there is an easy way to do things… Read More
Here are Three Subtle Ways to get a Unix Timestamp in JavaScript
Did you know you can “easily” get a Unix-like timestamp using… Read More
ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release Update
ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release Update is now Available
ChaiScript 6.0.0 Release has been announced and is now generally available, It… Read More
Kakamega, Kenya. Ecmascript 6 JavaScript
Introduction to ECMAScript 6, the Official JavaScript
Mid 2015 saw ECMAScript 6, the current version of JavaScript officially become… Read More
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