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CMake 3.17.0 Release Available for Download

The new CMake 3.17.0 release has been announced for general availability and is now available for download from the official download page.

CMake 3.17.0 release comes with the Ninja Multi-Config generator which allows it to be used to build multiple configurations at once. The Visual Studio Generators also get some new features going down to VS 2010.

Also included are meta-features for the CUDA language standard levels such as cuda_std_03, cuda_std_14, etc. The IBM XL Fortran compiler is now supported by the Ninja generator.

Some of the deprecated and removed features include CPack PackageMaker Generator because Xcode no longer distributes the PackageMaker tools. The command-line -E remove and -E remove_directory tools are deprecated in favor of the new -E rm tool.

To see the complete list of changes in the CMake 3.17.0 release please check out the release notes here. Otherwise, you can download your preferred binaries from the download page here.

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