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Cppcheck 1.86 is now Available for Download

Cppcheck 1.86 Code Analysis Tool

Cppcheck 1.86 has been announced for general availability.  This new release comes with bug fixes, performance improvements, new libraries, and plugins.

Cppcheck is a static source code analysis tool for C and C++ source code.  This tool can be used to detect bugs focusing especially on undefined behavior and dangerous coding constructs. It also checks for memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation, and buffer overrun among others.

Cppcheck 1.86 can be used through the command line interface, graphical user interface, and various IDE Add-ons.

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zlib and googletest are new libraries which have been included with the latest version of this tool. You can get more details about what this tool release has to offer from the official release announcement here. For further reading on Cppcheck, you can visit the official website.