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This is why Flying is so Expensive

Has it ever occurred to you to take the time to sit down and wonder why flying is so expensive? Of course, the easy answer can and probably is that the price of jet fuel is rather over the top.

Airline tickets are notorious for breaking the bank of any average person wishing to travel across destinations. This is not just limited to those flyers brave enough to fork out a couple of tens of thousands of dollars on first-class tickets.

The Cost of Flying May, not all be What you Expect

I would be right in assuming that up to this point all your readers are sure the majority of the price of your ticket goes to fuel. I would like to take this opportunity to disappoint you and state that it is not entirely true. There is a lot more that goes into your airline tickets than meets the eye.

Like any business, there has to be a return on the investment. In this case, the investment is the airline itself, the airline company assets, the human resource and all. Then the airline cannot stay airborne indefinitely. It has to land somewhere sooner or later. So the resources and services of an airport are needed. Someone owns the airport and therefore takes a cut of the ticket.

Then there are the taxes one has to pay to the legal entities where the airports are. Depending on where you are, the institutions that handle ground security then take a cut of the ticket cover price. If you thought that’s it, you are wrong. The entertainments, food and drink, WiFi and all need to be paid for in your ticket.

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When all these things are worked out you will realize that fuel is just a small piece of the pie. To explain the above charges, we have broken things down into an infographic that shows you roughly what you will be paying for in your next flight.

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