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Dolphin 5.0 Release now Available

Dolphin 5.0 Release is finally out. The announcement was made after almost a year of development updating and enhancing from previous versions.

Dolphin is an emulator for the Wii and the GameCube. These are two of Nintendo‘s most recent game consoles. This allows gamers on Windows, Mac and Linux use their controllers and enjoy these games.

Dolphin is also compatible with turbo speed and networked multiplayer among other features on playing video games on PCs.

What are the Highlights of This Dolphin 5.0 Release?

The latest Dolphin 5.0 Release comes with a host of changes that one can consider this equivalent to a rewrite. Major changes involving rewrites have been included to take care of previous hacks that have been introduced into this game console emulator.

Previous progressive versions of Dolphin suffered from slow emulation routines and that was a priority to be fixed in Dolphin 5.0 by speeding up the emulator and cleaning and modernizing the code base.

OpenGL, D3D11, and D3D12 now have major optimizations and can be taken advantage of where applicable.

One of the points to note about the Dolphin 5.0 Release is that it requires 64-bit CPUs and Operating Systems. Support for Windows XP has been stripped while Windows Vista is no longer officially supported.

The minimum version of Direct3D10 and OpenGL 3 are required. Based on these, to get an idea of what GPUs are supported, it as follows. You now need AMD Radeon 4xxx series, NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx series, or Intel HD 2xxx series as a minimum! There is no guarantee on GPUs older than the series mentioned above. You can get the details on system requirements here.

There is a whole array of changes to the Dolphin 5.0 Release that cannot be covered here. The good news is the Dolphin team has made a detailed blog post on the features and updates on this release and we recommend you continue reading more about it there.

Meanwhile, you can go ahead and download Dolphin from the official download location.

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