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Microsoft Announces .NET Core 1.0 Release

Microsoft has announced the release of the .NET Core 1.0 Release for immediate availability. The announcement also makes known the release of ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Entity Framework Core 1.0 frameworks. These cross-platform, open source and modular .NET development frameworks are available on Linux, OS X, and Windows operating systems and are released under the MIT and Apache 2 licenses.

The announcement was made at the Red Hat DevNation conference which is taking place in Moscone North, San Francisco from June 26 to 29, 2016. Anticipation around this framework has come to fruition after two years of hard work by the developer and stakeholder teams.

What to Know About the Microsoft .NET Core 1.0 Release

The .NET Core 1.0 Release is a little different from the .NET we have come to know, love and hate — depending on who you are. Two things that stand out about the .NET Core 1.0 Release in relation to .NET is it does not implement Windows Forms or WPF which are responsible for rendering the standard GUI for desktop software on Windows Operating Systems.

Again .NET Core is not serviced using Windows Update but rather it has its own package manager for updates. It relies on the recently released Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 because that update enables .NET Core development.

.NET Core supports four cross-platform scenarios in its development and implementation. These include ASP.NET Core web apps, command-line apps, libraries, and Universal Windows Platform apps.

.NET Core is compatible with .NET Framework, Xamarin, and Mono, via the .NET Standard Library. You can get started with .NET Core by going to the official website here where you can get all the details. You can also check out the release notes here and follow the project on Github.

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