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Microsoft to Introduce Encrypted DNS in Windows 10

Microsoft introduces encrypted DNS and now supporting DNS over HTTPS in Windows 10 as of Build 19628 coming May 2020.

This will help prevent others including your ISP from snooping on your browsing destinations. Existing DNS queries operate in plain text.

This is done by encrypting DNS queries between your computer and the DNS resolver which in turn does the DNS lookup for you so those in between can’t see which websites or other URLs you’re visiting.

Microsoft is using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) which is easier to implement than DNS over TLS (DoT) which can be tricky to implement on many networks.

With this announcement, Microsoft joins Firefox, which aims to make DoH a default feature in Firefox, and Google, which is experimenting with it in Chrome.

This feature will not be enforced on the end-user and will have to be activated from the network settings.

You find out more about encrypted DNS as DNS over HTTPS and what Microsoft is offering from the official announcement here mentioned back in November 2019.

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