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Highlights From the Start of Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

The 2016 Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference has officially kicked off. This brings two days of riveting talks, demos, and sessions from leading Facebook ecosystem players. The two-day conference has so far not disappointed.

The conference highlights include announcements of new productivity and social APIs to take you to the next level. All these are geared towards making the social experience more appealing and more natural.

Standout Mentions at Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

Much was said about Facebook’s efforts to make the world a better place through technological advancements. Such as saving lives through AI for example in the medical field where AI can be used to diagnose cancer on a patients skin, or how Facebook is making strides in bringing the Internet to the masses.

Global Internet Coverage

There was also mention of Facebook’s push to bring Internet closer to those who do not currently have it. It is not just the Internet but the Internet at 4G speeds and above. For developers, Facebook has added 16 more languages to the documentation to make it easier for developers from further regions to understand the APIs more.

Messenger Chatbot APIs

With Chatbot API tools, Facebook is allowing businesses to leverage the AI Messenger Chatbot Engine to better serve their customers. Through Messenger, one can engage and serve orders through an automated account system just as we are accustomed to doing so with our friends and community

Live Chat APIs

These will enable businesses to engage customers directly through Facebook rather than businesses own website through the Message us button. Businesses can further use third-party software to respond to these customers and service them more effectively through Facebook’s technology.

Account Kit

Facebook announced at the F8 Developer Conference that Account Kit would now allow users to log into websites, mobile apps and third-party services using only their mobile numbers. This eliminates the need to remember passwords and usernames. The service will also be available for those without Facebook accounts.

News Over Messenger

Publishers of news and general content will now be able to push news to Messenger users. Users will still maintain full control of the content they receive through a set of tools available within the Messenger. This also includes the ability for businesses to use the platform for marketing purposes and not just news.

Save to Facebook

With the Save to Facebook feature, users will now be able to save details of their online browsing experience to Facebook for later addressing. So let’s say I am thinking of taking a trip, I can browse for the highlights of my destination and not worry about how I am to remember all the minute details. I can simply Save to Facebook.

F8 Developers Conference Mark Zuckerburg

Live Video Production

Facebook is cementing its grasp on the live video arena allowing users to share aspects of their lives in real-time. With Live video, it brings the authenticity back into the Facebook ecosystem. With Live video it is believed there will be a massive increase in engagement through like and viewership.

VR Capture

With ongoing advanced computational imaging projects work in VR by Facebook and Oculus, the company is making great leaps in the area of VR. They are tying it into the daily lives we live in. This will allow the user to share and interact with their family, friends, communities and the world. All this will be done through interactive engagements. This will be made possible through the VR hardware and future visions of making smaller and more practical hardware to fit our day to day lives.

Please continue to follow the proceedings at the 2016 Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference through their official website.

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