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February 2017 ACCU Overload 137 Journal

Once again the Bi-monthly ACCU Overload 137 Journal is out. This is the February 2017 publication and is the first of the year. This is a journal that focuses more on C++ software developers but contains topics that other developers will find very useful.

The magazine is published by the ACCU (previously known as Association of C and C++ Users). You can get your copy of this journal over here.

Topics in the ACCU Overload 137 Journal for February 2017

Some topics of interest in the journal include but are not limited to the following:

  • doctest – the Lightest C++ Unit Testing Framework – an introductory look into the framework brought to you by Viktor Kirilov.
  • Multiprocessing and Clusters in Python – discusses how to do it using Python by Silas S. Brown
  • The Importance of Back-of-Envelope Estimates – Why these guestimate questions matter – Sergey Ignatchenko
  • Correct Integer Operations with Minimal Runtime Penalties – an introduction of a library to enforce correct behavior in making C++ integer operations to be arithmetically correct by Robert Ramey

You can find the entire publication in PDF format for free here.

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