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SQLite 3.17.0 Release is now Available for Download

SQLite 3.17.0 Release has been announced is now available for download for free. This version comes with several improvements and bug fixes and therefore makes a great candidate for upgrading.

SQLite is a cross platform and open source database library written in C. The library is designed to be self sufficient. This means is does not require a server, no configuration and is self contained. It is a transactional database engine that supports the SQL (Structured Query Language) for manipulating and managing data within the storage layers.

This embedded SQL database engine is now currently at version 3.17.0.

Highlights of the SQLite 3.17.0 Release

SQLite now claims 25% increase in performance over the previous versions. This is achieved by loop unrolling, using the sqlite3_blob key/value access object instead of SQL for pulling content out of R-Tree nodes as well as using compiler built-ins like __builtin_bswap32() or _byteswap_ulong() for byteswapping when available.

The default lookaside size has been increased from 512,125 to 1200,100 providing better performance while only adding 56KB of extra memory per connection. Also added is the SQLITE_ENABLE_NULL_TRIM compile-time option, resulting in significantly smaller database files for applications.

The default SQLITE_DEFAULT_PCACHE_INITSZ has been decreased from 100 to 20, for improved performance. The SQLITE_UINT64_TYPE compile-time option has also been added.

SQLite now throws an error if the ON clause of a LEFT JOIN references tables to the right of the ON clause the way it is done in PostgreSQL. It also ensures that the sqlite3_blob_reopen() interface can correctly handle short rows.

The SQLite 3.17.0 Release can be downloaded from the official SQL engine download page here. Meawhile you can check out more details on what’s new from the official release page here.

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