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Flax Engine 1.1 Release Brings its Game Editor to Linux

Flax Engine 1.1 release comes with full support for the Flax Editor on Linux and new spline tools among a host of other features and bug fixes.

Flax Engine is an open-source suite of game development tools that currently supports Windows, Linux, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Universal Windows Platforms (UWP). Support for iOS, Mac, PS5, and Switch is expected to be made available in later releases.

The game engine is Flax is free for non-commercial and educational usage. Commercial usage attracts a 4% royalty after the game earns $25,000 per calendar quarter.

The following are the highlights of Flax Engine 1.1 release:

Editor for Linux: This release comes with full support for the Flax Editor on Linux including live scripting with C++/C# hot-reload, Visual Code integration, scenes editor, game cooking, terrain editing, foliage editing, and much more.

Spline tools: With these tools, designers now find it easier to create a dynamic object that can for example follow a spline or Bezier curve, build roads and rivers, or create dynamic gameplay components like a chain, rope, vines, and much more.

Low-level networking API: Networking already existed in C# API via .NET library. A cross-platform, low-level sockets implementation will be used as a foundation for Low Level and High-Level networking solutions built-in Flax that will come with fully-featured multiplayer support.

Navigation features Improvements: These new features include multiple navmeshes support, navmesh modifier volumes, nav agent properties, and queries, rotated navmeshes, more navmesh queries types (TestPath, FindRandomPoint, FindRandomPointAroundCircle), nav agents masking (eg. for nav bounds volumes), and dynamic navmesh updates at runtime.

Visual scripting features: Users can now bind into Events int Visual Script to handle trigger volumes or collision events. There is also support for automatic node formatting which arranges nodes to make them more organized and reroute node for connections organization.

For these and more features please visit the Flax Engine 1.1 release notes here. You can also head to this page here to get yourself a copy of the binaries.

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