Rust Code
Google now Supports Rust Code For Developing Android OS
In efforts to improve the detection of memory safety bugs, Google announces… Read More
Flax Engine 1.1 Release
Flax Engine 1.1 Release Brings its Game Editor to Linux
Flax Engine 1.1 release comes with full support for the Flax Editor on Linux… Read More
Qt 6.0.3 Release
Qt 6.0.3 Release With Over 40 Bug Fixes now Available
Qt 6.0.3 Release with over 40 bug fixes has been announced for general… Read More
RenderDoc 1.13 Release
RenderDoc 1.13 Release With Python API Changes and Other Fixes
RenderDoc 1.13 release has been announced for general availability mainly as a… Read More
GParted 1.2 Release
GParted 1.2 Release now With Support For exFAT File-System
GParted 1.2 release is now available with added support for exFAT File-System… Read More
Eight Chinese Apps Banned
Eight Chinese Apps Banned by the US Trump Administration
Eight Chinese apps banned by the US government after President Donald Trump… Read More
Qt 6.0 Release
Qt 6.0 Release With New Graphics Architecture And Styling For Qt Quick
Qt 6.0 release has been announced with new graphics architecture, Desktop… Read More
Unreal Engine 4.26 Release
Unreal Engine 4.26 Released With Extended Virtual Production Toolset
Epic Games announced the release of Unreal Engine 4.26 for general… Read More
December 2020 Free Unreal Assets
Overview of December 2020 Monthly Free Assets for Unreal Engine
This is the ultimate guide to the free for the month of December 2020… Read More
Targets for Qt 6.0 Announced
Official Development Hosts and Targets for Qt 6.0 Announced
Developers have announced a new list of the officially supported development… Read More
X-Plane 11.50 Release
X-Plane 11.50 Release Available With the new Vulkan Renderer
X-Plane 11.50 Release has been announced for general availability. This release… Read More
Qt 5.15.1 Release
Qt 5.15.1 Release Announced With More Than 400 Bug Fixes
Qt 5.15.1 release announced for general availability with more than 400 bug… Read More
NativeScript 7.0 Release
NativeScript 7.0 Release Aligned With Modern JavaScript Standards
NativeScript 7.0 Release Framework aligned with modern JavaScript standards… Read More
Kotlin 1.4 Release
Kotlin 1.4 Release Strong Focus on Quality and Performance
Kotlin 1.4 release was announced to the developer community with a strong focus… Read More
UE4 September 2020 Giveaways
UE4 Marketplace Free for the Month September 2020 Giveaways
The UE4 September 2020 Giveaways are up on the marketplace in the Free for… Read More
Qt Creator 4.13 Release
Qt Creator 4.13 Release With CMake 3.14 Requirement
The new Qt Creator 4.13 release has been announced. It comes with a bunch… Read More
Qt Creator 4.13 RC Release
Qt Creator 4.13 RC Release Available With More Improvements
Qt Creator 4.13 RC release has been announced. This release of this version… Read More
Flutter 1.20 Release
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK is now Available for Download
Flutter 1.20 Release SDK has been announced for general availability and is now… Read More
RenderDoc 1.9 Release
RenderDoc 1.9 Release is now Available for Download
RenderDoc 1.9 Release was announced for general availability and can now be… Read More
Godot 3.2.2 Release
Godot 3.2.2 Release Game Engine Available for Download
Godot 3.2.2 Release has been announced for general availability. This version… Read More Email Settings and Configuration Guide Email Settings and Configuration Guide 2020
Microsoft has this suite of webmail, contacts, tasks, and calendaring services… Read More
Qt 5.12.9 LTS Release
Qt 5.12.9 LTS Release With Bug Fixes is now Available
Qt 5.12.9 LTS Release has been announced for general availability as a… Read More
Unreal Engine Royalties
Unreal Engine Royalties Waived on First $1 Million in Game Revenue
Epic Games has announced that Unreal Engine royalties are now waived on the… Read More
Raylib 3.0 Release
Raylib 3.0 Release has Been Announced
The maintainers of the Raylib 3.0 release library have announced this tool for… Read More
Download Unreal Engine 4.22
Unreal Engine 4.22 has Been Announced for General Availability
The new Unreal Engine 4.22 release has been announced and can now download for… Read More
Zoho Mail Server Settings
Zoho Mail Server Settings for IMAP, POP, and SMTP 2019
If you are looking for Zoho mail server settings details be it for IMAP,… Read More
Qt 5.10 Release
These are the Details of the new Qt 5.10 Release
The Qt Company on December 7th, 2017 announced the general availability of the… Read More
Batman: The Enemy Within
Here’s the Ultimate Batman: the Enemy Within Gameplay Gallery
Batman: The Enemy Within is the third episode of season two of the Batman:… Read More
Qt 3D Studio 1.0
Qt 3D Studio 1.0 Announced for General Availability
Qt has announced the availability of Qt 3D Studio 1.0 for general availability… Read More
Qt 5.9 Release
Qt 5.9 Release is now Available for Download
The Qt 5.9 LTS release has been announced for general availability. This… Read More
Unreal Engine 4.16
Unreal Engine 4.16 Release is now Available
Unreal Engine 4.16 has been announced for general availability. This new… Read More
Injustie 2
Injustice 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Screen Grub Gallery
Injustice 2 is a fighting video game developed by NetherRealm Studios and… Read More