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GPU-Z 1.10.0 Graphics Utilities Has Been Released

TechPowerUp announced the availability of GPU-Z 1.10.0 release. This Windows update is available for Windows systems users running modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

GPU-Z is a graphics sub-system information, diagnostic, and monitoring utility. It reports information such as the underlying technology, die size an transistor count. You can examine the Bus Interface, DirectX support, Texture and fill rates.

You can also get details of the Memory type, size, and bandwidth with GPU-Z. Technologies such as OpenCL, CUDA, DirectCompute, and PhysX can be confirmed with this tool.

Monitoring of the GPU core clock and GPU Memory clock can be monitored in real-time. So what’s new with the new version of this Graphics utility?

Highlights of the GPU-Z 1.10.0 Release

Support for AMD Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 has been introduced into the utility. On the NVIDIA side, TITAN X (Pascal Architecture), and the 3 GB GTX 1060 are now supported. Also included is the GT 740 (GK106), 930M (GM108) and 930 MX. Support for Intel Iris 550 is also now included.

A crush on the lookup in the absence of an installed GPU has been fixed. NVIDIA driver version can now be read on drivers from Windows Update. Fan-stop on AMD is now detected correctly.

The correct names on unknown GPUs on ATI/AMD are now displaying. The GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 release dates now corrected and finally, the improved power draw monitoring performance on Polaris is working correctly.

BIOS information from AMD “Polaris” GPUs is now properly extracted. You can download the latest copy of the GPU-Z 1.10.0 utility from the official download page here.

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