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Ardour 5.0 Release Available With Windows Support

The current version of the open source digital audio workstation Ardour 5.0 has been released for general availability.

Ardour is a complex cross-platform audio software released under the GPL license. It matches up to the industry standards and is developed by a team of independent and motivated developers.

What’s Interesting in Ardour 5.0

The first major news for Ardour 5.0 is that it is the first version that now supports Microsoft Windows operating systems. The support is still not yet at 100% in that there is still no support if anything goes wrong during compiling from source, installation or running especially with hardware add-ons. The situation is expected to change in the near future.

Ardour 5.0 now offers a tabbed, single window interface. This is a complete redesign from previous versions. The whole software is, in fact, more or less a rewrite and is not technically not backward compatible.

Lua programming language can now be used for scripting with access to the application’s internals. The core application is a mix of C, C++, and Assembly Language.

Tempo ramps have now been added as a feature as well as in-lining plugins on the user interface. There are several other changes to the application of which can be found on the release page here.

In addition, there are hundreds of bug fixes and performance enhancements that have all made their way into this release. Again you can look into the release notes page to get all the information in detail.

Meanwhile, you can get the details on how to download your preferred version on this page.

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