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All set for HackMiamiCon 2016 Event

All systems are winding down to the HackMiami Conference, HackMiamiCon 2016. This year the event will be taking place in Deauville in Miami Beach, Florida. The dates for the three day conference are set for May 13 to 15, 2016.

Deaville Beach Resort is this years venue where all the Hackers and Techies at large will congregate for a series goodies over the course of three days.

HackMiamiCon 2016 Event Highlights

Like previous events This year’s HackMiami fourth annual security conference will feature several talks and panels. Depending of the type of badge one purchases, there will be admission to training sessions from various security related courses.

There will be a whole lot of keynote speakers lined up to speak at the general admission sessions. For the VIP attendees there will Breakfast and Lunch on offer.

Some of the training sessions mentioned earlier include Enterprise Penetration Testing Methods, Web Application Penetration Testing and Embedded Penetration Testing among others.

Keynote speakers will be John McAfee a security expert, creator of the first commercial anti-virus software and 2016 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. The other keynote speaker is Iftach Ian Amit an information security expert, researcher and speaker.

Other topics of interest include The dark side of the net, IT security certifications and open source Malware Lab. Others are security oriented design frameowrks in eHealth systems, mobile hacking, how to catch a pentester and defeating entropy downgrade attack.

More topcs include Cybercrime in Brazil, cracking the matrix control grid, Bootstrapping a security research project and DDoS attacks among a lot more.

HackMiamiCon 2016 will not only be about work. There will be fun too. The Internet Computer Party is back with NerCore Master as the MC and the HackMiami resident Dj/Vj, DJ %27. Also get to test your skills in lock picking and lock bumping.

The Kommand && Kontroll CTF (Capture the Flag) tournament is back this year. The tournament features real life computer security challenges. The challenges are designed to highlight the the latest in malware, web application vulnerabilities and infrastructure attacks.

N00bGrinder for the gamers will also be in store. This is a Bring Your Own Computer LAN Party and let the games begin. Find out more about HackMiamiCon 2016 from the offical website and don’t forget to register and attend.

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