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JetBrains Releases CLion 2016.1 Final Version

A few days ago we discussed about the CLion 2016.1 Release Candidate in this post. Today we are making it known that CLion 2016.1 final has been released. The announcement was made by JetBrains making this C++ IDE available for immediate download on a 30 day trial basis or immediate purchase of a subscription.

The new Stuff  in CLion 2016.1

We previously talked about the change in the version naming convention going forward and touched on the new features that come with the new copy of this Integrated Development Environment. Even though we did not mention it the last time, this release comes with new language support for variadic templates. Variadic templates were introduced in C++11.

Through plugins, there is now support for two new programming languages namely Python and Swift. Python plugin comes bundled and switched on by default. Once the Python SDK has been installed it will now be possible to develop cross Python and C/C++ projects. The Swift plugin is available to users on Linux. This now allows Linux users to develop using the Swift language on that platform as well as OS X.

The editor now supports Right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew plus many more features. Don’t take our word for it. You can head on over to the CLion what’s new page to get the full scope of what to expect out of this new version of CLion.

If you are ready to jump straight in and get started with your coding then you can go to the download page to get yourself the latest copy.

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