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Qt 5.6 Finally Gets Released

The Qt Company has announced the release of Qt 5.6. This is a finally release made after the recent release candidate a few weeks ago. Qt is a cross platform development framework used to build Desktop, mobile and embedded applications. Qt is primarily known for developing in applications in C++ and QML. QML is a JavaScript like language.

Qt 5.6.0 comes with major changes over previous versions most of which have been undergoing testing with the alpha, beta and release candidate updates.

What’s new in Qt 5.6?

Most notably Qt 5.6 is now a Long Term Supported (LTS) release. This means it will continue to receive patches, bug fixes and security updates up to the year 2018. This will be happening in parallel with upcoming releases of Qt such as Qt 5.7 alpha, which will come with new feature updates. With this announcement also comes with end of life support for Qt 4.8. The update herein will continue to use the new continuous integration system (COIN) going forward.

There is also some good news for Windows 10 users as there is now full support with Qt 5.6

You can get a complete list of the new feature update from this location. Users of previous Qt versions can now update their frameworks using the Qt maintenance tool while new users can download a copy of this development framework here.

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