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Just a Few Weeks to Blender Conference 2015

Its barely a month to go before the start of the Blender Conference 2015. The Blender Conference is an event hosted by the Blender Foundation. This conference is an annual event that seeks to bring the Blender community together under one roof.

Blender is a free and open-source 3D content creation suite that is well placed to create personal and commercial 3D media. The Blender Conference 2015 will be held at De Balie in Amsterdam. The conference will take place between the 23rd and 25th  October 2015.

Blender, the 3D software at the center of the conference in October is a software suite that bundles a number of tools that allows the content creator to make a complete production exclusively within Blender. Blender contains modeling tools, a 3D game engine, animation tools, an internal render engine (Blender Render) and Cycles. Both of these render engines are native to Blender.

Also included in Blender is a Video Sequence Editor and a Compositing Node Editor. With Blender, you can also use external render engines via the use of native and user plugins.

Check out this simple animation that uses all the features mentioned above.

The scripting language within Blender is Python. You can take a look at some of these simple renders done in Blender.

The Blender Conference 2015 Menu

Like previous conferences, the Blender Conference 2015 promises a whole bunch of goodies and opportunities. First off there are open slots for Blender users, academics, developers and enthusiasts alike to give talks during the various sessions. One just needs to apply and propose a talk.

Again this year there will be the Animation Festival and the Suzanne Awards. The Blender Conference Animation Festival is an event that showcases a collection of animated short films over a 90-minute time slot.

Like always there will be dinner on Saturday night. This is basically what other conferences would call social night.  Just an evening of networking over food and drink.

When all is said and done and before the dust settles, there will be the Blender Institute open house on Monday the 26th. This is a time open to interested people to get a tour of the Blender Institute and learn more about Blender.

These are just the highlights of the Blender Conference 2015. To get more information about the speakers and all the participants who will be in attendance you can visit the official Blender Conference 2015 page. While there take time out to view some of the recorded sessions from the previous year’s conference.

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