Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0 RC1 is Out


NVIDIA recently announced the general release of  Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0 RC1 to the developers in the NVIDIA GameWorks Registered Developer Program.

This is an important release in that it adds support for Visual Studio 2015 and debugging applications that use the Direct3D 12 API.

In addition to the new features in Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0 RC1 mentioned above, this update comes with a host of other improvements.

With this new update developers are now able to debug, trace, and profile CUDA 7.5 applications over remote desktop; however, in order to build CUDA 7.5 applications, the developer needs to configure project settings that use  Visual Studio 2013 or prior toolset.

gain with Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0 RC1 open CUDA generated GPU core dumps directly in Visual Studio as well as extended support for OpenGL 4.4 and OpenGL 4.5 applications.

Nsight Monitor now runs in 64-bit mode and IP service is no longer required when debugging locally. With the mention of these few updates, it is well worth it to to get the new update. This is especially true for those planning to use Visual Studio 2015 as well as Direct3D 12.

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Please visit the NVIDIA GameWorks site to download Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.0 RC1 and give it a test run in your current or next projects.