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Laravel 8 Release With Laravel Jetstream, Models Directory, and More

Laravel 8 release has been announced for general availability. This release comes just days after the release of Laravel 7.27.0 and is now officially supported on PHP 7.3 and higher.

This new release comes with a host of new features such as Laravel Jetstream, a models directory, model factory classes, migration squashing, rate-limiting improvements, time testing helpers, dynamic blade components, and more.

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web application framework for building web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern.

Highlights of Laravel 8 Release

Laravel Jetstream is an improved scaffolding that provides a better starting point for new projects. It features login and registration, email verification, two-factor authentication, session management, API support via Laravel, and team management among others.

With the new Models Directory, the application skeleton now includes an app/Models directory. Likewise, the generator commands assume all models exist in that directory. Where that is not the case it will fall back to the app directory.

Model Factories are now class-based with better relationships between factories. There is also improved Rate Limiting that is also backward compatible. Blade components can now be rendered dynamically at runtime.

With Migration Squashing, it allows applications that contain many migration files to have them squashed into a single SQL file that will be executed first when running migrations, followed by any remaining migration files that are not part of the squashed schema file. This improves performance in most cases as well as file bloat.

To see a complete list of features, fixes, and improvements, and to find out more about this release, please check out the official release notes found here as well as this upgrade guide.

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