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MariaDB 10.5.4 Release Announced and now Available for Download

The latest MariaDB 10.5.4 Release was announced and is now available for download. This release comes with a bunch of fixes and new features which includes backported and reimplemented features from MySQL.

This new version of MariaDB Server now includes an alpha release of the S3 storage engine. It also includes the beta version of the MariaDB ColumnStore storage engine. Also included is a new Gamma version of the Spider Storage Engine, 3.3.15.

The DROP TABLE command now reliably deletes table remnants inside a storage engine even if the .frm file is missing. There are also InnoDB Performance improvements.

Other notable changes include the acceleration of the crc32() function for AMD64, ARMv8, POWER 8 architectures. innodb_encryption_threads are now limited to 255 with the minimum value of max_sort_length raised to 8. This ensures the fixed-size data types like DOUBLE and BIGINT are not truncated for lower values of max_sort_length.

For more details on these and other changes and bug fixes please visit the official changelog here. Meanwhile, you may proceed to download a copy of the MariaDB 10.5.4 release from the official downloads page.

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