SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.6 Release
SQLyog MySQL GUI 13.1.6 Release is now Available
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SQL-Joins Infographic
SQL Joins Infographic
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SQLite Release 3.27.1
SQLite Release 3.27.1 Available for Download
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How to get rid of Another Update is Currently in Progress: WordPress
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Security NextGEN Gallery
Researchers Find Severe Flaw in NextGEN Gallery WordPress Plugin
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SQLite 3.17.0 Release
SQLite 3.17.0 Release is now Available for Download
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Great Tips to Running a Secure Database System
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Database Error Page
How to Change the Database Error Page in WordPress
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Elasticsearch servers
Elasticsearch Servers Being Wiped out in MongoDb Style Ransom Attacks
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MongoDB Ransomware
Ransomware Puts Databases Managed by MongoDB Under Seige
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SQLite 3.16.0 Release
SQLite 3.16.0 Release is now Available for Download
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sqlpp11-0.42 Release now Available for Download
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SQLite Release 3.14.1
SQLite Release 3.14.1 With Several Enhancements now Available
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SQLite Explained
Getting to Know SQLite for the Absolute Beginner
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MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4 Girona Spain
The New MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4 Now Out
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SQLite 3.13.0 Download Horses
The new Update of SQLite 3.13.0 has Been Released
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MariaDB 10.1.14 Stable
MariaDB 10.1.14 Stable has Been Released
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Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Drawers
Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 set for June 1 Release
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Oracle vs SAP, the Gloves are Out
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OS not Broken, Database Just Fine
If you see hoof prints, think horses—not zebras. The OS is probably not… Read More