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The New MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4 Now Out

The open source MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4 has been given a facelift and can now be downloaded for general availability. This update comes shortly after MariaDB 10.1.14 Stable was released to the public.

So what exactly is MariaDB Connector/J? It is a Lesser General Public License (LGPL) open source library that is used to connect applications developed in Java to MariaDB and MySQL databases. It uses the standard JDBC API to achieve this.

What are the Highlights in MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4

Seeing this is a bug fix release there are basically no new features other than certain corrections and of course bug fixes. The corrections in this version include the use of SHOW VARIABLES to replace SELECT in SQL statements. This is specific to connections. It permits a connection on a Galera non-primary node.

Also corrected is the PrepareStatement on a master reconnection after an occurrence of a failover.

You can get yourself a copy of MariaDB Connector/J 1.4.4 from the official MariaDB website here. While there you can check out all the details about the changes in this new version by going to the website’s change log page. For more information about this library, you can also visit the official Connector J’s page here.

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