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Massive DDoS Attack Causing Havoc on Major Websites

It has been a gloomy Friday so far. Well at least for the millions who cannot get very far without the Internet. Reason being, there has been a second massive DDoS attack on Dyn DNS which has cause many of the world’s biggest websites to be taken down.

The list is not just limited to the likes of Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Netflix, Disqus, GitHub, Reddit, PlayStation, PayPal, Xbox and others.

This attack is a grim reminder of just how vulnerable we are and just how easy it is to execute such an attack. As of this posting it is not yet known who is responsible so all we have is the effects of inaccessible websites and services.

Cyber warfare and cyber crime are very real and are with us whether we like it or not something has to be done. The problem is more complicated as it is. Technology that runs our Internet has been slow to keep up with changing trends and the bold ambitions of attackers and the complexities of modern malware.

DNS is aging. What’s worse is the human factor. There is still a stream of insecure websites and services sitting out there. Single factor authentication is still rife. The situation is bleak.

There is speculation over this issue floating around the net, With names like Russia and US Government popping up a little too often. But one place we need to look at is the insecure IoT devices that are all over the place. These devices can easily be hacked into and used as a core with which to launch such DDoS attack as we have experienced today.

If that is the case then our future is not so bright. This sort of thing is going to happen over and over again affecting businesses and customers alike. One thing though that came out positive of all this is the break we got from Trump!

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